Ice Ice Baby: WinterFest is Coming, and It’s Bringing Vanilla Ice


Despite the fact that WinterFest is being held in Wellington this year, there will be some ice—just not the ice you're thinking of. The iconic rapper-turned-HGTV-star Vanilla Ice is slated to perform on the main stage at this year's WinterFest in Wellington on December 8th, bringing a dose of '90s flair to the evening. The […]

Glide Around the Rink at Palm Beach Skate Zone


South Florida is known for its balmy temperatures and sunny beaches, so you might not expect to find a place like Palm Beach Skate Zone only a stone's throw away from home. It boasts a pair of ice-skating rinks that promise wintry fun all year long. With the help of a roller-skating rink, Palm Beach […]

Soak Up the Scenery Along the Apoxee Trail


Critters of all shapes and sizes crisscross the Apoxee Trail at regular intervals, from prowling bobcats to trotting white-tailed deer to swooping great horned owls. Once you step onto the trail, you'll understand exactly why so many animals call the surrounding woods home. Trees tower overhead, fanning out into a sun-dappled green canopy, and the […]

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