The SilverBall Museum, a Collection of Vintage Pinball Machines, Employs a “Please Touch” Philosophy

October 18, 2017 | bridge

There aren't many museums where you're not only allowed but encouraged to play with the artifacts. That's what makes Silverball Museum so special, and it recently opened a second location in Delray Beach. Instead of a stuffy environment packed with antiquated historical items, Silverball Museum plays host to vintage arcade games that you can actually play.

Its collection of old-school pinball machines is the biggest draw at Silverball Museum. Its namesake disco ball casts sparkles and shadows across a large room full of vintage pinball machines, all open and available for play. If pinball isn't your thing, then check out the skeeball machines, try your hand at a classic arcade game like "Space Invaders," or face off against friends at the foosball table. While you do, enjoy a pint of beer or a glass of wine from the bar and a round of wings or nachos.

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