Meet Althea, the Chef and Owner of Kersmon Caribbean Restaurant

September 5, 2017 | bridge

Owner and head chef Althea is the driving force behind Kersmon Caribbean Restaurant. Her name shows up time and time again in glowing reviews of the eatery, praising her hospitality as much as her skill in the kitchen crafting Caribbean food. It's Althea's passion for Caribbean food that draws locals and visitors, some from around the country and the world, to her small, colorful eatery in Greenacres.

Patrons seem to agree that Althea's brown stew chicken is the best thing on the menu. It earns many rave reviews. Like the other entrees, the brown stew chicken is served with rice, peas, and cabbage. Curry goat, oxtails and beans, and even cowfoot are a few of the other classic Caribbean dishes that surprise and delight diners. Save some room for a slice of zucchini bread at Kersmon—customers describe it as moist and full of flavor.

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