Stroll Along the Boardwalk at the Wellington Environmental Preserve

July 24, 2017 | bridge

All 365 acres of the Wellington Environmental Preserve have something to offer in the way of outdoor recreation, starting with the boardwalk. It rises above the mush and the muck that come with the moisture that hangs in the air, allowing guests to enjoy the great outdoors even during the rainy season.

But the Wellington Environmental Preserve isn't just pretty, it's also an integral part of the area's eco-friendly efforts. It serves as a water filtration zone where excess storm water is stored, preventing flooding, and naturally rid of phosphorous and other toxins before it's released back out into the Everglades. So while you're enjoying the boardwalk, the paved trails, or the six-story observation tower, keep in mind the ways that the beautiful sights disguise a deeper purpose at the Wellington Environmental Preserve.

Public Domain/Pixabay/ddouk

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