A New Restaurant in Royal Palm Beach: Moon Thai Organic Fusion

May 2, 2017 | bridge

Open only a few weeks, Moon Thai Organic Fusion combines Thai and Japanese food for a dining experience you won’t soon forget. Originally started in Coral Gables, the restaurant chain has grown to comprise seven locations, including the new Royal Palm Beach location.

The menu is split into two parts. Sushi lovers have to check out the Japanese option. Start with their specialty tuna margarita, which combines tuna, avocado, and masago topped with kimchee, ponzu, and olive oil. Then move on to the spicy shrimp roll, which they put a twist on, filling it with mango, avocado, and topping it with spicy chili sauce.

If sushi isn’t your thing, head to the Thai side of the menu. Kick off your meal with a tempura appetizer or Thai corn fritters. Then, choose between classics like pad Thai, or experiment with one of their specialty dishes. They serve up options like the lemon pork or shrimp with tamarind sauce. You can’t go wrong with any choice.

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